The development trend of aluminum foil container

ورق ألومنيوم used as a storing container has the trait and advantages of safety and health, high and low temperature resistance. It’s also environmental protection, recyclable energy saving, and good sealing. As early as during the APEC meeting in Shanghai, the heads of countries used aluminum foil containers when they went out for activities. During the Beijing Olympic Games, all competition venues used aluminum foil containers to deliver meals to athletes and service personnel. During the Shanghai World Expo, only in the central kitchen of the Expo staff, the daily loss of aluminum foil containers was about 6,000. And the highest amount reached nearly 10,000.

The aluminum foil container is light in weight and meets the national food healthy standards. Moreover, it is easy to recycle, no bad material are created in the process. And it does not pollute renewable resources.

Aluminum foil has outstanding barrier properties. Under the premise that the thickness of aluminum foil is enough, it can basically completely block gas and damp. Therefore, in plastic soft packaging materials, aluminum foil is used as a widely used barrier material. And aluminum foil has light weight, tightness and packaging. A series of advantages such as good range. It is mainly heathly, beautiful, and there is also a heat preservation functionnt.

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