What is the aluminum foil container?

Aluminum foil container is a kind of dinner service which is widely used. The thickness of aluminum foil container ranges from 0.03mm to 0.20mm. And it can divide into two types: wrinkled and smoothwall. It can also divide into disposable and reusable. In fact, it is the raw material of 3 or 8 series aluminum … Read more

How to use aluminum foil pot?

Put on an open fire Aluminum foil pot can be placed directly on the open fire, using food-grade material, can directly contact the food, so that it will not produce harmful substances, is the best choice for family dinners, field barbecue and camping. Warm tip: Do not use on induction stoves No washing, clean and … Read more

Why choose aluminum foil pot

Why choose aluminum foil pot INNOVATIVE WAY TO HEAT FOOD ON THE GO(FOR ALUMINUM FOIL POT) Aluminum foil pots keep meals warm while out camping, vacation, trips, etc. It will never be easier when you have these foil food containers on hand. DISPOSABLE PAN DESIGNED FOR EVERYONE Anyone looking for a clever way to heat … Read more

Qu’est-ce qu’un pot en papier aluminium ?

Le produit en forme de pot, est un pot en aluminium. Il est traité par des machines et des moules spéciaux à travers un processus de production spécifique. En Chine et dans la plupart des pays, les boîtes à lunch et les pots en papier d’aluminium sont courants. Le pot en papier d’aluminium présente les … Read more

What is an aluminum foil pot?

The product with the shape of a pot, is an aluminum foil pot. It is processed by special machines and molds through a specific production process. In China and most countries, aluminum foil lunch boxes and aluminum foil pots are common. The aluminum foil pot has the characteristics of light weight, sanitation, beauty, and heat … Read more

Raw Material of Aluminum Foil Pot

Aluminum ingots are made of pure aluminum and recycled aluminum, and other elements are added in accordance with international standards or special requirements, such as silicon (Si), copper (Cu), magnesium (Mg), iron (Fe), etc., to improve the casting of pure aluminum Insufficiency of properties, chemical properties and physical properties. In the catering industry, our common … Read more

IBIE 2019 Show Invitation about Aluminum Foil Containers

Hey everyone, here is an invitation from Reance International Co., Ltd. We are going to attend IBIE show in Las Vegas, Nev. It is the largest baking show held in the northern hemisphere. Therefore as an aluminum foil containers’ supplier, we are pleased to invite you to this great show. The exhibition will host up to 1,000 exhibitor … Read more