The development trend of aluminum foil container

Aluminum foil used as a storing container has the trait and advantages of safety and health, high and low temperature resistance. It’s also environmental protection, recyclable energy saving, and good sealing. As early as during the APEC meeting in Shanghai, the heads of countries used aluminum foil containers when they went out for activities. During … Read more

Aluminium prices slide, Russia expected to remove export tax

Original source: By Pratima Desai LONDON (Reuters) – Expectations that Russia will remove taxes on aluminium exports and boost global supplies have triggered an inventory sell-off that has slashed prices of the metal on the physical market in Europe and the United States. As the drawdown in aluminium stocks, estimated at around 1 million tonnes in … Read more

How to Bake a Cake in a Foil Pan

Showing up to a potluck or a party with a fresh-baked cake makes you a very popular person! Enjoy the fete without having to worry about bringing the cake carrier home—opt for a disposable aluminum foil pan. This convenient container also makes cleanup easier when hosting a child’s birthday party. The curved corners on a … Read more