How to bake with aluminum foil?

What is aluminum foil.

Aluminium foil is usually used as wrapping foil for food. In Hong Kong, it is also called tin foil . It is a thin sheet with a thickness of less than 0.2mm that is processed by an aluminum foil rolling mill. It is mainly used in the kitchen to cook, hold food, or to replace materials that can be easily cleaned. Thousands of tons of aluminum foil are used all over the world to protect and package food.

It is not only used in the kitchen, but also in the fields of cosmetics and chemicals. So what is it’s role in the kitchen?
Aluminum foil is one of the most practical cooking material in the kitchen. It can not only accumulate heat, but also allow food to absorb heat more quickly, greatly shortening the time required for cooking, and at the same time, it can also keep food hot. In real life it is a very useful life helper. Note that due to physical factors, Aluminum foil is generally not used in microwave ovens.

In people’s impression, aluminum foil can be seen in the barbecue, grilled egg, grilled corn and other foods can be wrapped in aluminum foil for grilling to prevent the temperature from being burnt due to overheating. Because aluminum foil is made of metal alloy, it can be divided into photosensitive surface and matte surface. The photosensitive surface of tin foil has good heat absorption performance, while the matte surface has good heat preservation effect. Therefore, when in use, the matte surface (the darker side) is used to wrap the food, while the photosensitive surface (the lighter side) is in contact with the heat source and absorbs heat to heat the food.

Use aluminum foil in Baking

  • Prevent cakes and bread from being over baked.

When the cake is baked to the last ten minutes or so, in order to prevent the color from being too dark, you can cover the baking net with a piece of tin foil larger than the mold area, and then put the baking net into the uppermost layer of the oven (pictured). Since the aluminum foil isolates the direct heat conduction of the heating tube, after the aluminum foil is covered, there is no need to worry that the color of the cake will be too dark. While at the same time, the cake can be baked thoroughly.

  • Water bath method to prevent moisture

When making cheesecake, we will use the water bath method to make the cake more moist and tasty. The selected molds can be divided into two types, fixed bottom molds and movable bottom molds. If you are using a solid bottom mold, you can directly put it into the water bath for baking (the disadvantage is that it is not easy to de-mold afterwards). However, if you are using a live bottom mold, you need to wrap the bottom of the mold with aluminum foil to prevent moisture from penetrating during baking, resulting in the formation of a “pudding layer” at the bottom of the cake and the leakage of batter.

  • Bake wrapped food

Grilled chicken wings and grilled ribs are delicious when grilling, but they are too easy to burn on a charcoal stove, and the grilling time is also long. If the chicken wings and ribs are marinated in sauce in advance, matched with various flavor materials, wrapped in aluminum foil and baked, due to the heat absorption characteristics of the photosensitive surface of the aluminum foil and the heat preservation characteristics of the matte surface, the food can be heated evenly , to prevent scorching.

After baking, continue to wrap it with aluminum foil, which can also keep heat. Finally, the aluminum foil also plays a role in retaining the sauce and preventing it from losing.

  • Aluminum foil bottoming is good for brushing pots

When the oven is used to bake juice-rich foods such as steaks and chicken wings, a lot of fat will often flow out. If you use a grilling net to bake, the fat will fall directly into the oven. If you use a bakeware, the full bakeware will be grease. In either case, cleaning is very inconvenient.

At this point, a small piece of aluminum foil can solve this problem. Put a piece of aluminum foil on the baking tray and put the food on it, and the problem is solved. When using a grilling net, you can also put aluminum foil on the lowest part of the oven, so that all the fat dripping from the food can be collected. You don’t have to clean the oven at all.