How to use aluminum foil pot?

Put on an open fire

Aluminum foil pot can be placed directly on the open fire, using food-grade material, can directly contact the food, so that it will not produce harmful substances, is the best choice for family dinners, field barbecue and camping. Warm tip: Do not use on induction stoves

No washing, clean and hygienic

When finished using it outdoors, You could throw away directly without washing, so you can get rid of the trouble of washing dishes. It is recyclable material and does not cause pressure on the environment.

Various sizes

We can provide a variety of sizes and shapes of foil pans for your use in a variety of environments. Large size aluminum foil pots can be used for family dinners. When you stay alone, The smaller aluminum foil pot will be better. Different shapes of aluminum foil pots can also be used for different food.

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