Mount Everest in Tibet won the Tajikistan-China Friendship Special Contribution Award

Author: Yan Guoqing
2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the SCO, and Tajikistan formally takes over the rotating presidency of the SCO. July 5th, the 20th anniversary of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization: The exchange event of the Republic of Tajikistan-China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone was held in Qingdao. Zhang Jieyuan, vice chairman of Tibet Everest Resources Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the event on behalf of the company and its wholly-owned subsidiary Tazhong Mining, one of the “Model Projects under the Framework of SCO Economic and Trade Cooperation”. Nearly a hundred guests from home and abroad from other countries and the SCO Secretariat gathered together to talk about cooperation and seek common development.
In the keynote speech, Zhang Jieyuan shared the development achievements of Tajikistan under the framework of the SCO, as well as the future investment and construction plan and the vocational skills training plan of the local personnel.
Zhang Jieyuan said that, on the one hand, the company will focus on upgrading the “China-Tajikistan Industrial Park” invested and constructed in Tajikistan into a “Non-Ferrous Metals Industrial Park in Northern Tajikistan”, effectively promoting Tajikistan’s industrial modernization process and accelerating the “Belt and Road” initiative. Proposal for the implementation of Tajikistan and surrounding Central Asia; on the other hand, the company will also follow the basic policy of “relying on enterprises, jointly running schools, upgrading skills, and promoting employment”, relying on the complete, strong and modernized establishment of China in the development process The country’s higher education and vocational and technical education system continuously strengthens the skills training of local personnel, promotes the employment of local personnel, and further makes positive contributions to the social and economic development of Tajikistan.
At this event, the company and Tazhong Mining won the “Taxi-China Friendship Special Contribution Award” issued by the Tajikistan Embassy in China. The award aims to recognize companies that have made outstanding contributions to China-Tajikistan relations.
At present, Tajikistan Mining has become one of the pillar enterprises of Tajikistan. Since its establishment, Tazhong Mining has paid a total of nearly 3 billion somoni in various taxes. From 2015 to 2019, it has ranked first in tax revenue for 5 consecutive years. It directly and indirectly solves the employment of nearly 10,000 people in Tajikistan and contributes to the economic development of Tajikistan. Outstanding contribution, becoming a benchmark enterprise for economic and trade cooperation under the “Belt and Road” as assessed by relevant ministries and commissions of the State Council.
At the same time, the company and Tazhong Mining also bravely assume corporate social responsibilities and are committed to building a bridge between the people of China and Tazhong. Up to now, the company and Tazhong Mining have assisted Tajikistan with more than 100 million yuan in medical, health, transportation, culture, education and other fields.
Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Tajikistan at the end of April 2020, the company and Tazhong Mining have repeatedly donated urgently needed anti-epidemic materials to the Tajikistan government through chartered flights and other channels. On June 20 this year, 300,000 doses of the domestically produced Coxingzhongwei new crown inactivated vaccine carried by a chartered flight by Tibet’s Mount Everest arrived in Tajikistan, sending heavy equipment for the Tajik people and Chinese compatriots in Tajikistan.
Standing at a new historical starting point, the SCO has a broader prospect for development. As a model of “One Belt One Road” mining international cooperation, the company and Tajikistan Mining will continue to inherit the traditional friendship between China and Tajikistan, continue to cultivate in Tajikistan under the new development plan, and make new achievements for the economic development and people’s friendship between China and Tajikistan. Contribution!

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