China Railway Resources helped "Spring Seed Operation" successfully landed in Congo (DRC)

Author: Qiu Mengsong Chen Tiantian
At 9:00 am on July 28th, Congo (DRC) time, Chinese Ambassador to Congo (DRC) Zhu Jing announced that the “Spring Miao Operation” to vaccinate overseas Chinese citizens with the Chinese new crown vaccine was officially launched in Congo (DRC), with more than 300 people on the same day Chinese citizens were vaccinated.
As the responsible unit of the Kinshasa vaccination area of “Spring Seed Action”, China Railway Resources, a subsidiary of China Railway Resources Corporation, has been actively responding since March, taking proactive actions, taking the initiative, ignoring risks, and mobilizing capable forces to participate in the vaccination work. . After several months of preparations, we worked closely with the Chinese Embassy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to negotiate with the local government, and strive to coordinate various resources, from vaccine procurement, transportation, customs clearance, and storage, to vaccine delivery plans, locations, and personnel cooperation. Wait for the work to be implemented one by one, and arrange for volunteers to participate in the vaccination service.
The “Spring Seed Operation” has been fully implemented in the Congo (Kinshasa), and will strive to achieve full coverage of Chinese citizens in Congo, so that overseas Chinese citizens can truly feel the warmth brought by the party and the country, and strengthen everyone to stick to the impact of the epidemic Confidence in working overseas.
Up to now, more than 1,500 people have been vaccinated in Kinshasa for employees of Chinese-funded enterprises and overseas Chinese. In the follow-up, China Railway Resources will actively perform various tasks to ensure the complete success of the “Spring Seed Operation” in the Congo (DRC), demonstrate the responsibility and pioneering power of central enterprises with practical actions, and effectively ensure the health and safety of Chinese citizens in Congo.

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