Raw Material of Aluminum Foil Pot

Aluminum ingots are made of pure aluminum and recycled aluminum, and other elements are added in accordance with international standards or special requirements, such as silicon (Si), copper (Cu), magnesium (Mg), iron (Fe), etc., to improve the casting of pure aluminum Insufficiency of properties, chemical properties and physical properties.

In the catering industry, our common products made of aluminum ingots: aluminum foil rolls, aluminum foil lunch boxes, coffee capsules, aluminum foil bread pans, aluminum foil grill pans, aluminum foil pots.

As we all know, aluminum foil pots have very high requirements for the thickness of the material, and in order to ensure the safety in the eating process, the raw materials must go through an optimized process of multiple processing and cleaning.

After the aluminum ingot enters the industrial application, there are two major categories: cast aluminum alloy and wrought aluminum alloy. Cast aluminum and aluminum alloys are aluminum castings produced by casting methods; deformed aluminum and aluminum alloys are processed aluminum products, such as plates and strips, produced by pressure processing methods.

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