European secondary aluminum producers cooperate with wheel manufacturers to launch lower carbon aluminum wheels!

Recently, European secondary aluminum alloy manufacturer Raffmetal and automotive aluminum component manufacturer Cromodor Wheels signed an agreement under which the two parties will develop and test an innovative, high-recyclable aluminum alloy patented product. By maximizing the recycled content of the alloy, the aluminum wheels produced by Cromodor Wheels will be made of recycled aluminum alloys, thereby reducing product energy consumption by 95% and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than 89%. Both companies are members of the Aluminum Management Initiative ASI, committed to advancing a sustainable aluminum supply chain.

Strategic cooperation between Raffmetal and Cromoda wheels:

The project aims to provide a series of low-carbon aluminum alloy wheels to the market to meet the growing needs of automakers to reduce carbon emissions during the production process, encourage the use of recycled materials and maintain product performance requirements.

The synergy between Raffmetal and Cromodora wheels will provide the market with a sustainable product that has a low carbon footprint, is recyclable, and can control the entire supply chain from scrap aluminum to finished products.

The secondary aluminum alloy will be developed by the R&D department. Its ambitious goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 89% compared to the primary aluminum obtained through bauxite mining. This is due to the maximum increase in recycling rate. The recycling rate will reach close to 80%, while the production of raw materials used in the production of waste aluminum after consumption.

The Vobarno Special Alloy Plant, which Raffmetal belongs to, will be responsible for the production of this type of alloy, and the resulting products will then be shipped to Cromodora’s subsidiary for processing.

Orlando Niboli, President of Raffmetal, said: “Our strategy has always been to keep pace with the times to achieve sustainable development. This partnership is a big step towards sustainable development and circular economy. It is one of two important industrial fields. The embodiment of the common value between the two.”

Roberta Niboli, Commercial Manager of Raffmetal, said: “We have jointly developed a roadmap to ensure the maintenance of the European aluminum supply chain, which is currently severely affected by the shortage of raw materials and rising energy costs, while retaining the know-how of Italian industry. Raffmetal is A recognized company in the industry for technological innovation, quality, production and environmental sustainability.”

Giancarlo Dallera, President of Cromodora Wheels, added: “In the context of the need to take urgent action to protect the planet and combat climate change, Cromodora Wheels and Raffmetal hope to be key players in this transformation. This is why it is increasingly necessary to establish strategic partnerships to optimize R&D knowledge sharing to bring benefits to the priority production chain.”

Marco Dallera, Commercial Manager of Cromodora Wheels, said: “Thanks to this strategic cooperation, we will be able to provide the market with a solution for recycling low-carbon aluminum alloy wheels, which will help automakers reduce carbon in their production and use. Footprints.”.

Raffmetal uses recycled aluminum to produce innovative secondary aluminum alloys.

Raffmetal has 40 years of knowledge in the selection and disposal of waste products. In 2020, the company’s new Special Alloys plant (Special Alloys) is put into operation. The plant is committed to using recycled aluminum to produce a series of innovative secondary aluminum alloys, the alloy brand is Silval.

The recycled content of this type of alloy is between 80% and 100%. Therefore, compared with primary aluminum, it can realize value in terms of environment, such as:   

95% energy saving   

Zero soil disturbance during production   

Zero waste process   

water saving 74%

Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 89% or more (SILVAL 42100 process). As major automakers need to reduce the weight of their new series of electric vehicles while reducing carbon dioxide emissions during the production phase, this new series of recycled aluminum alloys has caused Interest in the automotive industry. Recycled aluminum and its supply chain are at the core of this transformation.

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