Отмена тарифов на сталь и алюминий в Европе и США может привести к каскадному эффекту для мировой торговли сталью и алюминием

Firstly, a summary of events   On March 1, 2018, then-President Trump imposed the long-abandoned Section 232 tariffs on steel imports from the EU and China and 10% on aluminum imports, citing national security concerns. On June 1, the U.S. formally imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from the EU, and the EU implemented countermeasures … Читать далее

Анализ будущей структуры поставок электролитического алюминия

Author: Wang Rong As early as 2016, after the transfer of domestic electrolytic aluminum production capacity to traditional low-cost thermal power production areas reached its peak, Yunnan has already become a battleground for new electrolytic aluminum production capacity by virtue of its hydropower advantages. Major aluminum companies have brought indicators to Yunnan. Structure the pattern … Читать далее

Тенденция роста цен на медь еще не закончилась.

Author: Jin Rui At the beginning of this year, the macro side promoted the first wave of copper prices. Due to the easing of overseas monetary and fiscal policies, inflation was stronger than expected. The global vaccination is progressing smoothly, and the time when the overseas economy enters the accelerated recovery phase is earlier than … Читать далее

Общий внутренний и внешний спрос хороший, Shanghai Nickel поддерживает сильную работу в течение длительного времени

Author: Wang Zhiqiang   Since the beginning of this year, the overall domestic nickel in Shanghai has been in a strong and volatile trend, and it has approached the highest level in history. On the one hand, the increase in nickel prices in Shanghai is due to the fact that downstream stainless steel maintains high … Читать далее

Путь сокращения выбросов углекислого газа транснациональных алюминиевых компаний

Author: Lang Shitong Kenlian Aluminum Kenlian Aluminum is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality, high-value-added aluminum products and their solutions. The products are mainly used in the aerospace, automotive, construction, and packaging markets. Improving energy efficiency is the core of Connaught’s carbon footprint limitation. For this reason, Connaught is taking various measures to improve energy … Читать далее

Возобновляются отключения электроэнергии, цены на алюминий могут немного вырасти в краткосрочной перспективе были повышены

Author: Li Jun Recently, power supply in the south has become tight again, Guangxi and Yunnan regions have started power-cutting policies again, and Yunnan’s power-cutting policies for electrolytic aluminum have been upgraded. As a result, the production of electrolytic aluminum enterprises will be affected again, and the supply of electrolytic aluminum will be tight. It … Читать далее

2021 Non-ferrous Metal New Materials Conference was successfully held in Nanning, Guangxi!

On the occasion of the founding of the party, more than a thousand industry professionals gathered in Yongcheng, focusing on the frontiers of industry technology and discussing non-ferrous development. From July 30th to August 1st, with the theme of the collaborative development of new non-ferrous metal materials, it aims to implement the spirit of the … Читать далее

Non-ferrous industry in the first half of the year: the output of ten non-ferrous metals increased by 11.0% year-on-year

According to the operation report issued by the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, in the first half of this year, the economy of my country’s nonferrous metals industry is improving steadily and the quality of operation is improving. First, the production of non-ferrous metals continued to grow steadily. In the first half of this year, … Читать далее

Summary of "Dual Carbon" goals and plans for 31 provinces and cities

Recently, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment emphasized the importance of air pollution prevention and control under the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality in a ministerial party group meeting. Under the “dual carbon” goal, various provinces also attach great importance to and actively formulate action plans. As the “14th Five-Year Plan” and the … Читать далее

Non-ferrous metal early bus July 31

A few days ago, Guangxi Power Grid issued a notice of orderly power consumption for peak avoidance and load reduction of 3 million million. Among them, Baise Power Grid reduced the load by 500,000 kilowatts, the Guest Power Grid reduced the load by 300,000 MWh, and the Nanning Power Grid reduced the load by 360,000 … Читать далее