Lead consumption is difficult to improve, the supply is up, and high inventories are still unresolved

Author: Zheng Qiongxiang In July, the domestic lead supply and demand pattern continued to weaken, and consumption began to slightly improve seasonally. However, the start of secondary lead production accelerated to resume its upward trend, and the start of primary lead production rose steadily. The domestic lead ingot inventory continued to rise and exceeded the … Read more

Terminal consumption is ready to force copper prices continue to fluctuate widely

Author: Fan Rui In July, the price of copper continued to fluctuate at a low level since the end of June, and the price of copper continued to oscillate around the 5-day moving average. The market performed more cautiously. From the perspective of market performance, LME copper is weaker than Shanghai copper, and copper prices … Read more

2021 Non-ferrous Metal New Materials Conference was successfully held in Nanning, Guangxi!

On the occasion of the founding of the party, more than a thousand industry professionals gathered in Yongcheng, focusing on the frontiers of industry technology and discussing non-ferrous development. From July 30th to August 1st, with the theme of the collaborative development of new non-ferrous metal materials, it aims to implement the spirit of the … Read more

Non-ferrous industry in the first half of the year: the output of ten non-ferrous metals increased by 11.0% year-on-year

According to the operation report issued by the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, in the first half of this year, the economy of my country’s nonferrous metals industry is improving steadily and the quality of operation is improving. First, the production of non-ferrous metals continued to grow steadily. In the first half of this year, … Read more

The development of China's aluminum foil industry has gone through four important stages and is now embarking on a new journey!

After 90 years of development, China’s aluminum foil industry has achieved world-renowned achievements and has become a major producer and exporter in the world. In 2020, there will be about 157 aluminum foil companies in China, with an output of 4,050kt, accounting for about 65% of the world’s total; domestic apparent consumption of 2840kt, accounting … Read more

Metals futures market: power rationing in Yunnan Province pushes aluminum prices to high for more than three years, copper prices fall

Tin futures rise above US$35,000 per ton, a record high Yunnan’s electricity curtailment also drives up zinc prices Aluminum prices climbed to their highest level in more than three years on Friday, amid concerns that China’s supply will decrease as China’s main production province, Yunnan, implements a new round of power cuts. At 1600 GMT, … Read more

Typhoon "fireworks" has limited boost to the price of recycled aluminum alloy ingots

On July 24, 2021, Typhoon “Fireworks” officially landed on the coast of Zhejiang and other places, causing heavy rains in many areas. Under the severe weather conditions of the typhoon, commodity logistics and enterprise production were affected to varying degrees. In this context, our website has conducted investigations on secondary aluminum enterprises and import traders … Read more

Monthly Prosperity Index Report of China's Aluminum Smelting Industry (June 2021)

According to the model monitoring results, in June, China’s aluminum smelting industry prosperity index was 54.2, a decrease of 1.1 points from the previous month, which was in the upper part of the “normal” range; the leading composite index was 83, a decrease of 0.5 points from the previous month, with a monthly decline Narrowed … Read more

Electricity restriction resumes, aluminum futures prices will rise slightly in the short term

Recently, power supply in the south has become tight again, Guangxi and Yunnan regions have started power-cutting policies again, and Yunnan’s power-cutting policies for electrolytic aluminum have been upgraded. As a result, the production of electrolytic aluminum enterprises will be affected again, and the supply of electrolytic aluminum will be tight. It will continue to … Read more